Why be afraid of uncommon letters? ~ Wheel of Fortune Misplays

Why be afraid of uncommon letters?


Contestant guesses an H!



Anonymous said...

Hey, can you not use photoshops next time? The pictures are full on hidden letters that should have been revealed. In the "only child" one, the "N" and "L" in "only" should have been revealed as they were showing in an and child. Please grow a pair of skills.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous: Some of the puzzles are from the Toss Up round, where the letters slowly fill the puzzle one by one and the contestants have to buzz in when they think they can solve it.

These are not made up, and have actually happened on the show. Please don't accuse others of photoshopping.

You can confirm it on this page: http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Wheel_of_Fortune
(search for "an ugly child")

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